Just Fall LoL

[W][A][S][D] - move
[Space] - jump
[Shift]- dive
[Tab] - acceleration

It is a multiplayer online game where the players compete with each other in hexagonal arenas to find out who is the strongest player. You will have to overcome different obstacles to stay on the platform.

Remember that the game has a simple rule - the last player on the platform wins the game.
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Just Fall LoL : Game Description

Just Fall LoL

Even though that today there are a lot of different arena games available, Just Fall LoL is probably one of the best on this category. The game is pretty simple and have simple rules but at the same time is very addictive because of the multiplayer mode. So, at the beginning of the game you have to join the server and wait until the needed number of players join the match. When the game begins, your mission is to do everything you can to stay on the arena - players who fall down lose the game and can stay as spectator in existing match or leave to find a new one. The characters of the game are penguins who have to overcome different types of obstacles - for example sometimes you will have to jump or dive under the moving platforms to stay alive but sometimes you will run on the falling hexagons and try to manage to become the last player alive. The modes are very interesting and in addition to the skins which you can unlock makes the game stand above the crowd.

How To Succeed In Just Fall LoL?

To succeed in Just Fall you have to understand the basic rules of the game. The game offers the battle royale styled gameplay where the last alive player wins the match. Sometimes you may need to use all your skills to stay on the platform while other players are falling down. The best strategy is to concentrate on your character and never look at others. Each match contains up to 10 real players all around the world so it is always fun when you play against real players. Enjoy the full version of the Just Fall LoL for free at our website.

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